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SAG Infotech is a leading tax solution organization with a wide assortment of professional oriented softwares. We have around two decades of experience in taxation industry with a client base of above 20 thousand. SAG Infotech also developed a service termed SaaS i.e. Software as a Service and has released it absolutely free for all the small business. The service has been released on the cloud version and will be giving all the GST software features to the user on minimum conditions.

There are various lucrative features which have been assimilated into the Gen GST software offering an overall better experience to the user. Have a look upon all those triumphed features and choose for your own

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  • GSTR-1 Amendment Facility
  • Delete All Data of GSTR-1 from Portal
  • GST Credit Register-Net ITC available after Reversal
  • Bulk checking of Filing Status of GSTR 1, GSTR 3B, GSTR 4 and other GST Returns
  • GST Credit Register to help you calculate credit as per Rules 37(2), 42 & 43
  • Schema validation and Error Report (Zip) file to help you find and resolve Errors Before Final Uploading
  • Import Data From Excel of Tally, Busy, SAG & Govt. Also JSON of GSTR 1 From System
  • Auto Filtering of Regular & Composition Clients
  • Download Bulk Status of Return Filing Details of GSTR-1, 3B, 4
  • Download & Reconcile All the Return Data from GSTN Portal in a Single Click
  • Reconciliation of GSTR-1,GSTR-2,GSTR-2A, GSTR-3B, GSTR-1 Portal & Software Data
  • ITC 04 (Input Tax credit form) filing for Manufacturers
  • Fill all the relevant details in the GST software and upload to GSTN
  • Auto-compare existing data with imported data for mismatch, Error reporting
  • Get GSTR-1 data from Portal and compare our GST software data
  • Client wise list shown as per their liability and option opted to file GSTR-1 Monthly/Quarterly
  • Facility to Export Data to Govt. Portal, Govt. Offline Tool & Gen GST Excel. Export GSTR 1/3B Filing Data to Excel
  • Clients will be shown in relevant Period as per Registration Date/Dealer Type
  • Return-wise Client List of Return Filed/Not Filed and Filed within Due Date or Not
Note: Also, Check What's New features through videos by clicking here:   What's New Videos

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Secured GST e-Filing & Billing Software India

Affordable Price

Pricing Plan of Cloud/Online/Mobile GEN GST Software

Variant Standard Professional Enterprises
Application Charges INR 19999 INR 29999 INR 79999
Mobile APP Charges (iOS+Android) INR 10000 INR 10000 INR 10000
GSTIN No. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Client Login (Online) 10 100 500
Employee Login 3 10 25
Hosting Space 10 GB 50 GB 500 GB
Bandwidth 5 GB/Per month 50 GB/Per month 300 GB/Per month
e-Filing Charges As Per ASP/GSP As Per ASP/GSP As Per ASP/GSP
Additional Per Client Login INR 500/Per Year INR 300/Per Year INR 200/Per Year
Additional Per Employee Login INR 2999/Per Year INR 2499/Per Year INR 1999/Per Year
Hosting Charges
Hosting Pricing Standard (India) INR 4999/Per Year INR 9999/Per Year INR 39999/Per Year
Hosting Pricing Cloud INR 19999/Per Year INR 49999/Per Year INR 199999/Per Year
Domain Charges
Standard Domains Charges INR 750/Per Year INR 750/Per Year INR 750/Per Year
Per Client Online Login Charges Standard Hosting(Indian)
Application Charges (A) INR 19999 INR 29999 INR 79999
Hosting Pricing Standard (India) (B) INR 4999/Per Year INR 9999/Per Year INR 39999/Per Year
Total (C = A+B) INR 24998 INR 39998 INR 119998
Client Login (Online) (D) 10 100 500
Per Client Login Cost (E = C/D) INR 2500 INR 400 INR 240
Per Client Online Login Charges Cloud Hosting
Application Charges (A) INR 19999 INR 29999 INR 79999
Hosting Pricing Cloud (B) INR 19999/Per Year INR 49999/Per Year INR 199999/Per Year
Total (C = A+B) INR 39998 INR 79998 INR 279998
Client Login (Online) (D) 10 100 500
Per Client Login Cost (E = C/D) INR 4000 INR 800 INR 560

Note : Above mention each and every prices are excluding all applicable taxes. All above prices calculation without domain included. Terms & Conditions

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Simple and Short Explanation | Learn the Basic Operation of Software | Fast and Online Training at One Click

Gen GST is top-notch GST return filing and e-billing software that was created by SAG Infotech Pvt Ltd to enable individuals and businesses to file their monthly, annual and quarterly returns easily using the Gen GST Desktop or online variants. Gen GST software for filing & billing (Desktop) is .NET based while the online software has been developed in a very secure JAVA environment. One of the best features of our GST software is that it will run on any system and platform, irrespective of the underlying operating system (OS).

A free trial version of Gen GST has also been released to let users get an idea of the software before getting the full version. The online GST software runs on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere at any time for timely filing of GST return and creating tax bills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs Related to Our GST Software

What is Gen GST Software exactly?
Gen GST is one of the most popular Goods and Services Tax (GST) return filing and billing software which was designed to help Chartered Accountants (CAs), CS, businesses and individuals easily and correctly file their tax returns.
Can I file GSTR-3B returns with Gen GST?
Yes, the latest version of Gen GST has been equipped with the facility to file GSTR-3B return directly using the desktop application. You can download the software and start filing GSTR-3B almost immediately.
How does Online Gen GST work?
The online version of Gen GST operates on the cloud. The software has been developed in Java language and integrated with the latest security standards to ensure high-level security for user data and financial information. The online software can be accessed at any time and from anywhere, without having to download or install any application.
Why choose Gen GST Software?
Gen GST has been appreciated as one of the best GST e-filing software out there for the reasons mentioned below.
  • High User Privacy
  • Easy to Use
  • Regular Updates
  • Based on Latest GST Laws
  • Platform Independent
  • Easy Database handling
  • Smart & Intelligent Working
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